The CineHaus Gaurantee

Trusted Kit Reseller

Our founders have run large rental companies and have been working on set for years, we know how you expect kit, and you will get it ready to work

Tired of Greedy ReSellers

Get the best price for you Kit, you know what it cost, you know what its worth, Let us use our extensive international network and our transparant pricing to get you the best return

Hard To Find Kit

Tell us what you are looking for, chances are we know a man who has it, or can find it! Weather its jumping the lead time on a set of Cooke Anamorphic SF's or finding that random Leitz Macro you want we can help

Buying and Selling Used Cine Kit With A Difference

The CineHaus Difference

We set CineHaus up because we found it a minefield when buying and selling used professional kit, The Dealers want to make to much money so we felt we were getting ripped off when selling kit.

Buying kit, well don't even get us started, dodgy brokers, bad not as advertised kit, they held our money up for long periods of time. 

So we felt that needed to change..

So this is us, CineHaus is a professional, transparent used kit company based in London.

If you want to sell something we will take a small % and be transparrant every step of the way.

If you want to buy something from the site, we have it in stock ready to be tested, played with and ready to work. We will also slap a 6 month Warranty on anything we sell.