About us

Things needed to change.

In the connected, disruptive business world we live in we thought we could make a difference in this strange niche business that we are in.

CineHaus is the idea of Kevin Harvey the founder of Filmscape Media Ltd which was one of Londons leading camera facilities houses.

Over the years I bought and sold lots of used kit, I found weird and wonderful dealers, individuals, big sales companies all over the world and with every transaction I ran into problems.



1. Bad Kit

I purchased some rare Russian Anamorphic lenses from the US, the dealer took my money, made me wait 4 weeks, messed me around, When the lenses turned up they where not as described, full of fungus and basically falling apart, eventually I managed the get the supplier to pay for the servicing but it was one hell of a fight.


2. Promised Express Delivery

I needed a set of Master Primes like right now, the lead time from Arri was 10 months, I had a 13 Week drama to service, I needed a set right now, I found a broker, he said he has them in stock, I send 10% and all of a sudden he only has one lens and the rest are 4-6 months. Nightmare!!


As A Seller

1. UK dealers

They just want to make too much money, I had a set of Uncoated MKII Superspeeds 18,25,35,50,85mm, Rare!! I went to my UK reseller asked how much, he offered me £25k, I know the value of these are at least £45/50k, So I had to track down an international dealer and again he was not transparent about what he was charging but they sold in minutes and I got £47k and I guess the dealer made a small fortune as-well.


2. International Dealers

Just hard work, Shipping and Dealing with people you don't know, getting them to send funds first and no way would I send kit to them without funds in the bank. All very hard work and again they are not transparent with their margins or they just charge crazy money.

So after all of these experiences I decided to change things, so i created CineHaus, We buy and sell really good used pro cine kit, we offer the most competitive selling % and are transparent on every step of the process.